EA 0.2.0

Hello everyone,

We have changed all the graphics content and make a new game that now is to sale on Steam. For now is possible buy the game only in Steam.


  • Life bar at the tree
  • Life bar at the fire
  • Life on the axe
  • Sound effect when breaking axe
  • Player making the move to cut the trees
  • Axe in hand (when you have one) while cutting the trees


  • New format of the island (now no longer a huge rectangle)
  • Bar of tired replaced by hungry bar
  • Home screen and pause menu screen have new buttons
  • Dusk and dawn gradually
  • Visual effect of the fire light
  • Eating an apple raises the hungry bar
  • Fire will end if the life reduce to 0
  • You can add leaves, branchs and wood to the fire to keep it lit
  • Now appears the name of the item that will be picked up from the floor in the hint
  • The player's life will recover automatically when the water and hungry bar is nearly full
  • Recover stamina while sleep
  • Now it is harder to cut the trees with just the hand


  • When loading a game and returning to the main menu was an infinitely loading screen

Known Issues:

  • In Linux sometimes the game does not get completely fullscreen, if moving to another application and returning to the game is correct. We are trying to solve this as soon as possible.

We hope you like these changes and if you have suggestions or find bugs do not forget to let us know

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