A downloadable game for Windows

This is just a prototype. Do not expect a fully functional game.

The top 10 users who contribute to the development of the game will receive a key to the alpha version and future full version.

This prototype will receive constant updates, the graphics will be made only later, when the game base is all ready.

Features already available in the prototype:

  • Pick apples / wood / leaves / water / rock
  • Chopping trees
  • Create simple fire / shelter / small axe
  • Day / night cycle
  • Die for starving or thirst

Future features:

  • Create tools
  • Other shelter / fires
  • Climate
  • Hunting
  • Expansion of the island
  • And much more

How play:

Left or A - Move the player to left

Right or D - Move the player to right

Up - Moves the player in/out of the island when available

Space - Start the game (on the initial black screen) and cuts the trees.

M - Open the manual of survivor

E - Eat apples

T - Take the woods/apples/rock

L - Take the leafs (only when the tree is down)

S - Sleep (only when is night and have the shelter made)

C - Cut the tree (only when the tree is down)

W - Drink water

F - Fill one bottle of water (only when is over the lake inside of island) Max: 10 bottle

Mouse - Place the fire/shelter

Published May 09, 2017
GenreAction, Survival
Tags2D, Action-Adventure
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Survivor Island_prototype.zip 1 MB

Development log


by sgstudio · 1 post
by sgstudio · 1 post
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